Will Six Sigma Be Relevant For The Future

Cellular Manufacturing

  • Production work stations and equipment in a Cellular Manufacturing are arranged in a sequence that supports a continuous flow of components and materials through the production process with minimal transport or delay.
  • Implementation of cellular manufacturing is a significant milestone in lean management which clearly symbolize the high maturity of organization in embracing the lean.

Cellular Manufacturing in shop floor

Will Six Sigma Be Relevant For The Future
  • In typical manufacturing, similar machines are placed close together. In cellular manufacturing, the placement of the machines is as per the production flow, which provides a distinct advantage in the material flow, also reduces the distance traveled by materials, optimizes the inventory, and people, which leads to a decrease in the overall lead times
  • In cellular manufacturing, layouts having common jigs and fixtures are accessed easily.

Expert's Comment

  • Advantages of Cellular Manufacturing on Quality,Cost,Delivery & Engagements
  • Quality issues are addressed easily and quickly and reduce defects.
  • Implementation of corrective actions faster and hence reduced scrap
  • Cost of poor Quality reduced significantly as the amount of rework reduces
  • As each operator can handle multiple machines/stations, overall productivity increases & hence reduced cost of operations can reduce significantly.
  • Reduces Throughput time of the process and hence faster conversion of raw material to finished goods resulting in faster Delivery
  • Faster conversion of raw material to finished goods increases the company's cash flow and indirect savings of cash acceleration.
  • Reduced inventory & material handlingefforts and hence the cost
  • Engagement among the employees is enhanced, leading to a unified team