Six Sigma Corporate Belt training and certification online

Corporate Belt

A first-of-its-kind, this program enables startups and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to adopt Lean Six Sigma culture. Lean Six Sigma is a powerful agent for net profitability. Many organizations, including the bulk of Indian companies, have gained immensely by adopting Lean Six Sigma. We, at Lean6SigmaPro, genuinely believe that SMEs and startups most need this excellent methodology. We bring you an innovative way of fostering business excellence through Lean Six Sigma at almost a 10th of full time consulting charges - but with enhanced or much better results!

Corporate Belt
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Project Identification


Project Qualification


Conceptual Training


Project Execution Start


Offline Consultation


Project Specific Training


Gemba Support


Project Execution Ends

Project Category Methodology Expected Benefits Training + Offline Mentoring Estimated Time to Implement the Project Consultation Support during implementation Number of Participants required (Minimum)
Value Stream Mapping, Planning & Design Lean, Value Stream Mapping, Planning & Design 1. Understand As-Is Process, Communication and Material flows
2. Identify Bottlenecks
3. Calculate Process Efficiency
4. Identify Kaizen Blitz & Kaizens
5. Design the future state (VSD)
6. Develop action plans to achieve the future state (VSP)
20 Hours
(2 days, spread across 1 week)
8 am to 7 pm
4-10 Business days, based on data availability ~ 5 Hours of support at Gemba
(For a team of 4 participants)
Team of 4
Implementing Any of the two Lean Tools

Super Market

Pull Production

Heijunka (Production Levelling)

Just In Time


First In First Out

Total Productive Maintenance

Single Minute Of Exchange of Dies

Lean Line Design

Lean Process Design

Theory Of Constraints
Lean Methodologies Understand Lean & implement the Lean tools at workplace 40 Hours
(4 days, spread across 2 weeks)
6-30 Business days 10 Hours of consulting ,split into two business days (For a team of 4 participants) Team of 4
Increase Overall Process Efficiency by 50-100% Lean Methodologies Understand Lean & Implementthe Lean tools at workplace 40 Hours
(4 days, spread across 2 weeks)
6-20 Business days 10 Hours of Gemba consulting split into two business days Team of 4
Drive Lean Six Sigma Projects Lean + Six Sigma Methodologies Understand Lean Six Sigma & drive result oriented projects at the work place 160 Hours
(16 days, spread across 4 months)
Complementary: 10 hours of generic session for team members & Management (Max: 16 people)
2-4 Months 10 Hours free on the shop floor support per participant
10 Hours are split into two businesses days
2 Team Leads (Equivalent to Green / Black Belts)