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Batch : May 2020

Shreyas Upadhyaya

Batch : July 2020

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Batch : April 2020


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Our goal is to help you master Lean Six Sigma. Our Participant's reviews are proof of it.
Sharan Dev

Excellent place to learn the concepts of lean/six sigma tools. I had already completed my GB years ago and wanted to take up a refresher here, but it kind out turned out to be an high impactful training session. The training is conducted by Mr. Srinivas himself and he explains every topic in detail with live instances. So in way you would learn topics more practically and can easily connect with your day to day work which makes it lot more simple and effective learning. If you actually want to learn the six sigma concepts or be proficient in it, then this is the place.

Rajshekar CPSetty

Apt and precisely packaged program content, Supportive and friendly environment for learning, Faculty with good industry exposure and contacts, the best place to learn and Master Lean Six Sigma. I also worked closely with Srinivas on our Lean Six Sigma project for the ERP implementation Cycle time improvement and could save around 613 Hours, transitioning to the savings of Rs.1.5 Million annually. Srinivas comes handy (given his vast experience) when it comes to Lean, Six Sigma concepts and their practical application in real time. A sport to work with, detail oriented person is what he is. Will surely recommend Srinivas to be a value add in any team or org he works with.

Pavan KS
Pavan K S

One thing I suggest for the people who really want to learn LSS is to join Lean6SigmaPro without any second thought. I have researched more than 5 to 6 training class in Bangalore to join LSS course, after that based on the reviews and also I have contacted old students who completed from this institute I joined LSSGB course. Really the teaching from Srini sir is excellent and for every topics he make us to relate with the examples with simulation (None of the other training class will do like this) that was very helpful for us to grasp the concepts easily and that is what we need actually. I ll be very thankful to srini sir for that kind of training which I was not expected. Thank you very much sir. The food tea Coffee and snacks provided by Lean6SigmaPro was delicious and yummy really I am gonna miss that food very weekends.

Nisha Somayya
Nisha Somayya

The sessions are well designed with activities, coach is very clear with topics and ensures content is delivered in clear and precise way, the material is well designed with right amount of content that simple to understand and notes that convey the meaning with minimalist words . One of the best classroom training I have attended so far combination of great material and coaching. Course material is really good, concepts clearly and concisely explained, They also help trainees conduct these assessments in the respective orgs.This training was an eye opener, I feel any organization that wants to go agile could imbibe lean concepts as their foundation. (My personal thoughts)

Bhaskar Joshi
Bhaskar Joshi

Recently attended Lean Six Sigma green belt course under Srinivas, Srinivas is highly skilled in lean six Sigma principle and way of teaching is very clear and understandable with practical knowledge and Course materials, I recommend people who wants to do lean six Sigma Sigma should go under Srinivas, which will be very helpful in the professional Carrier.

Shobitha Shetty

5/5, This was the second time I attended lean six sigma training, first time it was different institute. I could feel the difference, Lean6SigmaPro has designed the content really well. my learning was strengthened this time. I give credit to Lean6SigmaPro & strongly recommend these guys. The flow of the course was nice, never feel disconnected. Simple and effective examples to remember. Simulations & games are awesome !!! (loved the dart game), Outdoor will be better (LoL). The faculty was able to answer all the questions and most of the time with his own past experience which was really good experience. Whatever the industry you ask him, he has got an example from it. Liked what he says "you help your company generate money, they will help you earn extra money". Good luck team!!

Dhanwwantrri Shirode

Positive: Professionalism, Quality I thank the institute and Srini (the trainer/founder) for helping me complete my BB training. I had completed GB long back, and this was a very good refresher for GB concepts. Real life examples are really helpful and enriching. Project support is really good. Recommend this for everyone who would like to get into the LSS world. Thank you.

Tushar Verma

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value I am very pleased to say that this Training was an absolute delight and total value for money though it was completely online. I was able to understand the concepts very clearly , Thanks to Srini's interactive sessions with great examples related to various industries. This training gave me the confidence of driving projects on my own and got an opportunity to mentor couple of students as well. I would recommend this institute for becoming a Master in Six sigma/Lean .

Sangram Karkhanis

Positive: Professionalism, Value I had the opportunity to upskill myself in Lean Six Sigma by getting trained and certified thru Lean6SigmaPro. Srinivas is the founder of Lean6SigmaPro and he himself conducts the training. When a founder is involved the passion and commitment is at a different level. Srinivas not only has indepth knowledge and understanding of the subject but also extensive practical experience of implementing it. This makes the training very practical and easy to grasp. This was also evident when we went thru a case study of an actual consulting and implementation done by Lean6SigmaPro. Another quality of Srinivas which struck me was his willingness to explain the concepts over and over again till each one of the participant understood it. All this with his high level of energy and enthusiasm in each and every session. It was a great a experience and I would highly recommend Lean6SigmaPro if you are looking for any training or consulting in Lean Six Sigma.

Shreyas Upadhyaya
Shreyas Upadhyaya

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Researched for almost 3 months to land at a perfect destination, named Lean6SigmaPro for My LSSGB Course. Would like to bring about few points which impressed me a lot. 1) Abundance of knowledge and passion of Mr Srinivas .He is a master in relating the topics of Six sigma to real time scenario's. Which becomes really easy for the audience to connect. 2) The Methodology on getting the Case study into the training. Which was really good and successfully driven. Made life a lot easier. 3) 80Hrs+ of training would sound really big , but a lot of hard work gone in from the Lean6SigmaPro Team to make sure that each and every topic is dealt in a clear way and given equal weightage. 4) Std Templates which the team has is immense for any problem solving. You name it they have it . Had a real good time and learning during the Course. Waiting to finish with few projects and get into Black belt Course. Thanks again!! Wishing all the best:)

Vijay Kannan
Vijay Kannan

I came to know about Lean6SigmaPro and their LSS training through LinkedIn. Initially I was little bit hesitant to attend his session because Lean6SigmaPro is new organisation and there are other big companies who are already giving training in LSS but after attending the sessions conducted by Mr. Srinivas , I was stunned by his knowledge on lean six sigma and the way he taught was really excellent. He even taught a new kind of brain storming method called DoHow which was very good.

Gauri Shankar
Gauri Shankar Chaudhary

Going through lean 6 sigma classes at Lean6SigmaPro gave me a true insight of it which has given me a confident to boost my career at one level up. Talking about my tutor,he has been great to the entire session.he has varities of teaching materials which brought our learning more appropriate and centric.most importantly he could relate the theoratical aspect of his knowledge with his practical experience which is why i beleive it was breathtaking and outstanding. Now i am looking forward to acclerate my carreer with lean & with full of confidence. I m really thankfull to be part of it.

Suresh Babu Ramakrishnan

"Great Option! - Affordable & Extremely Convenient. Lean6SigmaPro's Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course & Certification was perfect for me! It is very affordable and extremely convenient! I love the multiple tools in the course package: full course slides w/ chapter quizzes, flash cards, study guide & practice exam. I definitely recommend Lean6SigmaPro to any professional with limited time. A great way to stay current on industry certifications."

Benson Hordson

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value I had attended Lean six sigma course (Green belt). Trainer Srinivas (Lean6SigmaPro) was just Awsome at his teaching he ensured that we are with him throughout the session, He is very professional and good at his communication. I would say he is truly an asset for Lean6SigmaPro Thank you to the complete team of Lean6SigmaPro And I can say my lockdown time was well invested to improve my skills.

Abhishek Karanam

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value I had attended Lean six sigma course (Green belt). Trainer was just Awsome at his teaching he ensured that we are with him throughout the session. Very apt and clear training. Srinivas (the trainer) understood our industry and our requirements and matched the concepts with example accordingly. This helped us connect with real time issue/situation with our process and products.. The learning was completely case study based with real life business scenarios and industrial applications of learning

Abhishek Singh

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Recently acquired my LSSGB credentials through Lean6SigmaPro. A Big thanks to coach and guide Srini who made learning so much detailed yet interesting. His ability to connect, superior use of real life examples to relate with advanced topics has been a truly amazing experience. Coaching and training is his passion and i haven't found many who share same focus, commitment and passion as Srini. The course material is very apt and nothing less than an encyclopedia. I would recommend it to anyone who is not looking at getting credentials but also enriching experience and life long support. All the best team !!

Manoj R

Excellent training on Lean Six Sigma. Simulation made learning very easy. Lean simulations like Kanban, Single piece flow was really good. Playing along with the money and keeping business in mind makes it more meaningful. The clarity provided on each of the concepts is very nice. Lot of practical exercise to practice using Minitab. Concepts are clear and crisp. The syllabus is well packed for practical execution.

Sudhir Jena
Sudhir Jena

Excellent and practical content on Lean Six Sigma made the training interesting and stimulating. Group size was just right to make interaction with strangers not too difficult. Also gave enough time to talk to each individual without neglecting others. The interactive nature encouraged honest and open communication amongst everyone which really helped clarify suggestions. A useful chance to review current techniques and focus on implementation of Lean Six Sigma practice at the workplace. Srini is a wonderfully engaging presenter, very easy to listen and the course was just the tight mix of theory, practical demonstration and anecdotes.

Shobhita Sunil
Shobhita Sunil

The training methodologies used by Lean6SigmaPro is wonderfully curated. Each and every concept is directly related to real-life industrial experiences. Their specially designed training material is appreciated. Overall, I had a really good experience with them learning Lean Six Sigma. The best part is, even after our certification is done, we can always write to them or consult them for further queries or doubts.

Jitendra Behera
Jitendra Behera

I would recommend Lean6SigmaPro because of their training methodology that combined not just boost theoretically knowledge but also practical learning. Anil sir, who was my instructor, is a highly skilled professional and use his practical knowledge to give you more confidence in lean six Sigma.

Kiran Nagaraja
Kiran Nagaraja

Quality of content was excellent, Nice balance of theory and practice. I could feel the difference, as this is my second time (1st was at different institute). Trainer was extremely informative and made us understand every concept with industry specified examples. The method of explaining concepts with simulation and games was impressive. Clearly understood VSM, DMAIC ….. now I am confident of leading project more effectively. Thanks so much for your very valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun. I strongly recommend xergy to my friends for Lean and six sigma training.

Manjula D
Manjula D

Lean6SigmaPro, If it is Lean Six Sigma it has to be Lean6SigmaPro, you do justice to the statement, I attended their corporate session and the way they make the hard concepts look so simple with easy examples are superb. They go the extra miles in executing that 30% improvement, and always keep the entire team motivated, which is a must when driving improvements which are related to change as there has to be buy in.

Mrudul Krishna

Very well designed Lean Six Sigma training. Wisely designed games & simulations, you will not have any dull movement or sleepy. Practice with our own data has been a major plus as I was able to relate to the explanations. Trainer (Mr Srinivas) is experienced & his ability to give examples across the industries due to his varied experience made sure everyone from the different field also learn the concept well. Major focus is given to understand the concepts. I strongly recommend xergy for Lean Six Sigma training.

Ashabhanu Swain
Ashabhanu Swain

Guys, I am PMP certified IT professional, did my lean six sigma black belt training and certification program with Lean6SigmaPro. Excellent training covering all areas of LSS with practical scenarios and Currently doing my black belt project under the direct guidance and support of Lean6SigmaPro expert trainer, Srinivas for Freshei. I personally recommend to go for this Lean Six Sigma certification for a better career growth and opportunity in global market for any field.. If it's is LSS training and certification, then it should be from Lean6SigmaPro.. Special thanks to Srinivas, Koustubh and Lean6SigmaPro team. Best wishes.

Navnit Nair

Excellent training regime with lot of real time project support. Has been the mainstay in my six sigma certification. Lean6SigmaPro has been instrumental in my six sigma and ASQ certification. Their team is highly motivated with a visionary as their leader. I am looking forward to work with Srinivas in future projects.

Anitha Laxmi

I know team Lean6SigmaPro from quite some time, even before Lean6SigmaPro was started, when they were working as Freelancers. The best part of Lean6SigmaPro is they drive result oriented projects. They chase that Million dollar saving crazily, and was not surprised to see their Vision and Mission in fact was expecting it. They absolutely mean business. I wish all the very best to team Lean6SigmaPro in achieving their dream target and recommend them highly.

Akhilesh Gupta

Great learning experience. Excellent faculty with loads of experience to answer all the questions that come along with right examples. Course material is structured nicely. Practically oriented learning helped me to learn the concepts quickly.

Malikarjun S

I did my GB from Lean6SigmaPro, it was great learning experience. Course material is very informative, wealth of knowledge I think it goes beyond what is required for certification, easy to read and understand. Trainer carry good knowledge, he made sure that the concepts are understood 100%, practice examples are prepared with respect to participants field of work makes easier for someone to learn easily. Simulations in lean are too good. It was very good experience to learn via simulations. 11 hours daily felt too much, but Trainer made sure that we dont feel the tiredness. They have been helping me to complete a project as well.

Krishna Kumar

Few days back I heard from my friend about Srinivas (Lean6SigmaPro) and the training's they were offering. At first I thought it was like any other consultancy that was offering corporate training programs. Once I enrolled into the program, the coaching was not only helpful to enhance my knowledge but the course material that was offered was very helpful, precise, relevant and organized. It was addressing all my questions and gave a new dimension to revive my thought process. I highly recommend people seeking to implement and practice Quality Assurance to enroll with Lean6SigmaPro and its training programs, which will largely help them in achieving benchmarks in market.

Ansil Rahman

The best place to learn Lean Six Sigma from the experts. The sessions are designed in such a way that it is a blend of simulation enabled training and theoretical sessions that take you to the core of Lean Six Sigma. All the best to Team Lean6SigmaPro.

Pramil Gawande
Pramil Gawande

I think I was the first one to take their online consulting, even before Srinivas started this company. I took it as an experiment as he told me that I was supposed to pay on profit sharing basis which I was OK with me, liked the way Srini and his team approached the problem. The entire project was executed to my satisfaction and they also did put a control measures to ensure the results are sustained, during the journey they taught lots of innovative ways to self sustain, and they made me learn new techniques, even today I keep bugging them once in a while and they help me out without charging a penny. I highly recommend them for consulting, this team will grow as they are absolute givers.

Manish Verma

The course was a great refresher and Sir was very patient to answer all our queries and a big thumbs up from my side👍👍 The training material was very knowledgeable and to great depth and the course was driven with good pace.

Abhilash BR

Smaller groups and trainer could concentrate on each and every trainee , although it was lot of theory we did not get bored and it was very interesting.

Mounesh B

Lean6SigmaPro training Institute is one of the best teaching Institute with practical approach what industry is required today technology .. I enjoyed the session with team... Coaching and training is excellent. .. Srini sir considering all students ... He focus on individualy. . Until and unless student doubt not cleard he not moves further... I have never seen such a trainer. . Excellent coaching. . Lean6SigmaPro not only teaching to content but also teaches how to understand six sigma. How to implement.. How to handle the things.. In many more. .. To student Apart from teaching srini sir is very good human being... With Lot of values .. Having a good leadership and developing the team..and h elping their students in all possible ways... He guides, motives . And following after the traing how things you are implementing ... I never seen such a trainer after comlletibg of 3 moths training . .. Still ask you have any doubt or any support required.. Great . .. I recommend xergy is the best training for Institute for lean six sigma...

Ravi Shankar Babu
Ravi Shankar Babu

I have undergone a training course on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. The training was more interactive and explained with examples made it much more easier for us to understand the concept. I would recommend this is the right place learn more .
Thanks to Mr. Srinivas sir and his assurance on further

Akarsh S

Lean6SigmaPro has helped me understand the lean & six sigma methodology very well, Lean6SigmaPro provides systematic and precise information and covers all the topics.Live examples are shared at every stage,giving us a practical approach towards every topic. I would recommend anyone to go for Lean6SigmaPro for a quality education in six sigma methodology.

Sunil Kumar Raghunathan

Lean6SigmaPro is the right place to get trained in Six Sigma Lean, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black belt in Bangalore. He is very friendly and very approachable person.
Especially the training by Mr. Srinivas is so good that any beginner to the Six Sigma domain can understand very easily and the Training material given during the training Session is very exhaustive which helps the students to refer even after the training is over.

Kiran Ramesh
Kiran Ramesh

Very good Lean green six sigma learning in Lean6SigmaPro. I learned lot of new things here- VSM, VSD, line balancing, kanban,DMAIC . Food is very good and learning is very good I have enjoyed learning here.
It's good for production and quality members to learn all the quality tools and lean tools.

Aouchitya kumar

Positive: Professionalism
Amazing experience in online classes. LSSGB training was never boring and difficult to comprehend concepts. Helped me a lot to dig deep and get sound grip on the subject. Looking forward to continue and further my quest in Stats and its Industrial applications.

Akash Math
Akash Math

Attended Six sigma training, a very dedicated trainer Saravna and organizer Mr Srini. and at the same time very simple and humble. its important what we learn but equally important is how we learn, the way of teaching is highly appreciable and a special thanks to Pramil as well.

Aman Mittal
Aman Mittal

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Most recommend institute for six sigma green and black belt training and even for six sigma consultation. Trainer Mr srinivas having rich knowledge about every industry .. Most unique feature is one will get to understand whole concept through real time examples of different domains and trainer focussed on individual knowledge sharing and learning..👍👍

Nagarjun SN

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value I had attended Lean six sigma course (Green belt). Srinivas (XERGY) made it very easy to understand the topic. Starting from fundamentals to last part of the syllabus, it was so well explained and well guided. Examples they take to explain concepts are awesome. They consider both IT sector examples and Manufacturing examples to explain the concept. They make us to think in different perspective during the course. Totally it was an awesome course with an awesome trainer.

Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar

The class for lean six Sigma course was awesome ! Instructor Mr. Srini very knowledgeable , patient & have a great method of teaching . I can't express how great the instructor was and overall content of the material.i would definitely recommend this to my co- workers as well as friends who will be interested for such training session.

Anish Prabhakaran

Mindfully designed curriculum combined with powerful & easy to understand delivery mechanism really makes Lean6SigmaPro stand out. Use of real life examples make concepts clearer.Overall, very good course - time & money well spent.

Shivam Rana

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Training methodology is excellent and easy to understand, In Lean6SigmaPro you will learn Everything in deep and very detailed form. highly recommend for LEAN 6 SIGMA GREEN BELT.

Harshith Kumar

Learning becomes easy when training topics is discussed with real scenarios , that's is what Mr. Srinivas did during my lean Management training by sharing his Rich experience in both Mnfg and Service industry . I would strongly recommend Lean6SigmaPro to people who really want to enhance their knowledge in Quality topics and to be competent.

Gaurav Vyas

I had attended the online LSSGB(Apr-2020) training provided by Mr Srinivasan. The course content and training material are much better in comparison to industry peers. Best thing about Mr. Srinivasan is his intention to teach. Trust me it's rare these days. He will put his 100% to teach you, which a student can actually feel. If someone is looking for knowledge , I would recommend Xergy. One can easily prepare for ASQ GB after attending Xergy training. Thanks a lot Srini 😊 Strongly recommend Xergy !

Avinash N

I Feel confident after the training. Way of teaching was really good. Pays close attention to each one. A good experience all together. Thank you srinivas sir, your words means so much to me.

Mohan Kumar Bhandari

I Completed my GB from XergY, it was great learning experience. The trainer Mr. Srini has a good knowledge of the contents and the industry. He is having the good techniques to convey the concepts (common for the JNVan), with real time examples and stimulation activities made easy to get into the concepts. The course material is simple and informative. His industrial experience makes it easier for him to catch the problems/ questions and he stimulate to get the answer for that from them. The limited no of entries makes it easier to interact and listen to the problems. Overall it was a great experience at XergY. Those who want to enrich their skills and accelerate the career then it’s the place- XergY. Thank you, Mr. Srini and team. All the best XergY.

Pavan M

Just one word - Amazing!! Examples are perfect, and practice sessions are superb, helped me to understand the concept. Business Game to showcase how the LSS concepts can easily earn money to business are were brilliant. I give credit to all those who have designed the course, well thought our one, understand it was hard work for five tenured guys. Srini delivers it beautifully, very easy to listen, no jargons, crystal clear explanation, and he will not leave you till you digest. I made the right choice of choosing Lean6SigmaPro, and I recommend them highly, they live upto their tagline, accelerate accurately. Good luck guys!!, you rock, I will take up BB session soon.

Shwetha S K

From the start everything was perfect, content is well designed and cover more than to get certified, and good enough to drive projects. The trainer (Srinivas) will equip you with loads of formats enough to go back and drive projects at workplace. What I liked the most is his humongous experience. Examples flow from him like a bullet irrespective of the industry be. He precisely tell you which tool to use in which industry and which one not to. I have been taking his help on and off, he has been there all the time, he does not spoon feed you, but just shows the direction & he follows up, if I solved the problem. Good way of coaching.. Sessions are usually goes for 10-11 hours but never felt tiered. Clarity of concepts, simulations, exercise, flow, homework's, practice sessions are all optimally packed that it was worth going to the classroom session. Thank you Srinivas & I highly recommend Lean6SigmaPro.

Yoshodhara Das

Lean6SigmaPro trainings on Lean Six Sigma concepts are spot on. They use perfect methodologies to teach the concepts. All participants are given equal support to understand and implement the concepts. Simulation of concepts are done during the training which can be remembered easily and practically implemented in the real world. Srinivas the brain behind all the ideas is an excellent trainer helps the students post training in completion of certification as well. Will highly recommend Lean6SigmaPro for Lean Six Sigma Training.

Hrishikesh Phansalkar

I have attended a lot of trainings over a decade now. While I took up training at Lean6SigmaPro, I knew the content would be great. But I did not anticipate that the delivery and the ambience would be equally great when I took up Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification at your institute. It was way better than I had imagined. While you think that your training has ended, that's where we are wrong because that is a continuous process at Lean6SigmaPro. Good to see that you are creating a network of experts who can stay connected in the journey of achieving bigger milestones in their career through means of doing Freelance Consulting on different projects. Wishing you “All the best” on your vision for Lean6SigmaPro.

Vivek M

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value I hv done GB in Lean6SigmaPro recently. Dedicated staffs & professional coaching. I would recommend this institute to anyone wanting to learn six sigma and get certified. Thanks Mr.srinivas sir.👍👌

Sophia Rai

Lean6SigmaPro provides best trainings on lean six sigma courses. Training material provided is of great quality and easy to understand. Instructor was well prepared for the course and have great expetise in the subject. I would recommend xergy highly as one of the best consultant in six sigma. Thank you Lean6SigmaPro for great training experience. Regards. <<<<<<< Updated upstream ======= >>>>>>> Stashed changes

Ashu Richard

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Very apt and clear training. Srinivas (the trainer) understood our industry and our requirements and matched the concepts with example accordingly. This helped us connect with real time issue/situation with our process and products... Would recommend for beginners and experienced we had mix of students in the batch and everybody could make sense out of it in our capacities. Looking forward to get trained further from him

Mahanthesh Shrinivas

Being a part of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training with Lean6SigmaPro was a tremendous experience. Mr Srinivas, my tutor, has a strong knowledge and experience in this domain to train his students. The course was professionally taught with respect to manufacturing and service industry. Introducing the case study in this course was appreciable. I would recommend Lean6SigmaPro for Lean and Six Sigma programs.


Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value All in all it was a great learning experience. Folks that are really serious about gaining knowledge and industrial implications of Lean Six Sigma should go ahead with this institute as the trainer that is SRINI Sir never made us felt that the classes are being held virtually and moreover the knowledge imparted covers all the required knowledge to clear ASQ, IASSC and TUV SUD exams. The learning was completely case study based with real life business scenarios and industrial applications of learning and in depth practical usage of MINITAB software.


Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Srinivas (Lean6SigmaPro Business Excellence Pvt Ltd) happened to be my mentor both for my Green Belt & Black Belt with respect to Training, Project & Certification. Mr Srinivas has been exceptionally good right from the start of Green Belt training program till sign of my Black Belt. What I like the most about him is his ability to give as many examples till you understand. His subject knowledge is supreme, he has answered a lot of my crazy, difficult, confusing questions with ease. I was told that Six Sigma is a difficult nut to crack, but Srinivas made it lot easier to me. More than all a great human to work with, humble at heart & highly disciplined in his approach & accommodative. Thank you Sir.

Manash Chakraborty

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Very good institute and indepth training by Srini sir.Where knowledge is main and percipant can clarify all doubts without any hesitation.Thank you

Naveen V R

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value I completed GB from Lean6SigmaPro ,and happy to be part of their 1st batch trainee. I attended many training programs earlier, but Lean6SigmaPro (Mr. Srinivas) training methodology is entirely different, Used unique way of explaining the different concepts of Lean and six Sigma by live examples and games so that you will not forget the concepts. Provided some case studies with different fields for the group tasks so that everyone can correlate and find the opportunities in their process for implementation of the lean and six Sigma concepts.


Positive: Communication, Quality, Value Excellent course, well organized to cover the all the chapters in lean & six sigma green belt in short term .I thought the whole training session from start to finish was very excellent. It will be a enormous help to me going forward in my career growth …Thanks to Mr.Srinivas & XergY. All the case studies with team and trainer explanations are very good and highlighted in the course … Overall my feedback as “XergY” offering very good training to us in short period and it very helpful and our confidence level was increased to deploy the Six sigma concepts in our working areas Need more visual videos recommended in evening course for refreshments during session.... G.Tamilazhagan. New product development -QA Elgi Equipments ltd Coimbatore.

Krishna Priya

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value I've completed LSSGB online course. The interactive teaching style of Mr. Srinivas made the course interesting and engaging virtual sessions. Absolutely worth the money.

Nagesh Kini

Great learning experiance with highly knowledgeable industrial experts & practicals training. Shrinivas been always a inspiration and great mentor in sharing out tremendous knowledge in six Sigma domain. Lean6SigmaPro support is immensive even after completion of course.Best place in bangalore and on earth I believe to carry out six Sigma course.I recommend this place with 5/5 stars for six Sigma green belt & black belt course.


Abundant experience and the extra ordinary presentation skill of the tutor(Srinivas) make the training a relaxed activity. We just have to sit relaxed and engage it. Supporting team has excellent hospitality I felt least effort to reach out and to communicate, had a great time with them, Great place for Lean six sigma training.

Satish Ram

Pros: I appreciate the content designed & very helpful, best part was one of our batch mate was looking for job in Bangalore when he started his training. Lean6SigmaPro helped him to get a job with good salary....Summary by end of training you will start telling "Six Sigma is the recession free industry & scope is vast," Cons: Chairs can be better at the training center (Negligible, but can be looked into)

Badri Narayan

I completed Lean Management. It was a good experience to learn Lean with Lean6SigmaPro. Explaning lean concept and techinques by Mr. Srinivas was done in practical way.

S Harish Kumar

Fabulous coaching and great place to learn Lean Six Sigma. Trainers are having excellent knowledge in Six Sigma. I would recommend this institute to anyone wanting to learn six sigma and get certified.

Dhanush Nishanimath

Content given, information shared, Examples related were best, Lean6SigmaPro tops in providing Green belt certification to the aspirants, your expectations will be met with the Notes & the way it is taught by Faculty Big thanks to Srinivas sir for his abundant support, Beyond all these, the best part was the real time examples that were shared according to the industries, which enhances every body's knowledge in the room

Ram Krishnan

Very Professional Training.The trainer has excellent knowledge in Lean Six Sigma. Thanks Lean6SigmaPro

Rathi Ban

The coaching here is fabulous, especially I just fell in love with the method of training they provide its awesome...I recommend everyone for training in xergy.

Priyanka BV

It is one of the best institution to learn Lean six sigma... And srinivas sir is one of the best trainee who gave extra valuable information about lean... Worth of being a part of lean six sigma

Harish Babu

Detailed and structured process in content delivery. Sharing of knowledge is more as you interact with people across industries. More number of live examples.

Niladri Deb Roy

I would recomend this institute to anyone wanting to learn six sigma and get certified. Did my green belt six sigma and it was very insightful and exhaustive session. Trainer was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my queries.


It's good.

Manjunath B C

One of the best training I ever attended. Simulations were amazing, as per the trainer Srinivas, there has been continuous improvement in simulations. Course material is perfect and is practical in nature. separate case studies for participants from different branch helped me to understand the concepts lot better. Like the way Srinivas explained and he does not stop until the concept is clear to you. Examples flow from him like a bullet train. You don't understand in one way, he can convey the same concept in another 5 different ways. I highly recommend Srinivas & Lean6SigmaPro.

Amaresh Debata

Srinivasan San having a great depth knowledge on Lean 6sigma. Strongly recommend xergy for Lean 6sigma.

Purnaa Janagam

"IF IT IS LEAN SIX SIGMA, IT HAS TO BE Lean6SigmaPro" This quotation is 100% desirable to "Lean6SigmaPro". SRINI SIR reached almost "6sigma" in his "training process".

Koushik Varadarajan

One word for Lean6SigmaPro is perfection. Everything here is perfectly planned and executed within the stipulated time without any errors. Kudos to Mr. Srinivas who is having loads of knowledge and industry experience and the way he conveys to his students is highly commendable. I refer people irrespective of their job or position to have a hands on and gain the knowledge of six sigma. All the best for the entire team.

Anu Vidyashankar

It was tough but incredibly useful and informative. The tutor is supportive all the time.This has enhanced me with effective learning with the classes conducted practically. Got to know about handling projects as they explain with real time things. I effectively learned in a compressed day what I usually learn in a month. Mr. Srininvas was able to take the complex and make it simple. I now have a much better understanding as the way of training simulation enabled. The classes conducted by him was very interactive and the students got an idea working on those analysis while it was solved practically.

Prakash M

Course material is very good and is of practical approach. Industry specific coveres both IT & Non IT.

Naveen Gowda

I would like to say about xergy i.e xergy is an excellent value introduction to oriented projects skills for all and good project options for those who want to pursue a project career or enrich their skills.i wish all the very best to the xergy team to reach thier goal...thank you

Prabhakar Reddy Koppala

Excellent training from the centre with well experienced trainers and nice facility centre. The course was well structured suited for the needs of industry.

Ravikiran Ravi

Best institute to get trained by the industry oriented and passionate trainers.

Eranna Gowda

Six sigma is an essential tool to achieve excellence in any profession and industry. Understanding and implementing right way comes through the right training under well experienced trainers. Lean6SigmaPro founders known to me from long time and they served all kind of industries and organisations and implemented successfully to save millions of dollars. They have taken a good step to help by staring a training centre to pass on their knowledge to the professionals. It will help a lot to the professionals who can achieve the best in right path along with their professional growth.

Karthik IT

This guy Srini is brilliant, I am sure he will lead this market soon. He carries so much passion for the field is amazing. What I liked about him the most is, he ensured I learnt the concept during the training & after that, he did follow up with me for multiple weeks to make sure I implemented the learning. He is going all out. I also understand he has been training his second level team to do the job, once the team grows, this shows their commitment to make a difference, I never remember if any of my training institutes following up with me that if I implemented my learning. I highly recommend Srini & Lean6SigmaPro. I agree "If it is Lean Six Sigma it has to be xergy"

Vadiraj Katti

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value I had a very great learning here, I perused Lean six sigma green belt, Its very good place for the people who want to peruse Lean six sigma and other courses listed. Mentors and the support is really great.

Prasanna Kumar
Prasanna Kumar

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value Thank you XergY and Sreenivas for excellent coaching on lean and GB. The material designed with more informative and simple language to understand everyone. Case study work out after each topic training is ideal way to make understand the subject. The mentor and trainer Sreenivas is a blend of knowledge pool with immense knowledge on six sigma and vast industrial experience, so provided training with practical examples. My journey of LSS and Green belt training was wonderful and gained surplus knowledge. I believe which will definitely makes huge impact and a value added to my career.

Shashi Kanth
Shashi Kanth

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Training at Xergy is not just about learning Lean SS but its a Beautiful Journey.. I have got an opportunity from my company to undergo the Lean SS GB training from Xergy. Mr. Srinivas,the founder was our Trainer. Thanks for his humongous knowledge on the subject. He had an immense skill and experience in Lean Six sigma. The concepts that they deliver at Xergy will be very informative and beyond what we can expect yet very much understandable. I still wonder how they have moulded the learning material which can be used for lifetime if you seriously run a project. The sessions were very professional and were well organized. It's not just about the training, they will guide you at any given point of time even if you finished the training. It's an amazing experience that everyone should get if you want to take a step up in your career.

Rahul Pd
Rahul Pd

Had the opportunity to get my green belt training here, the training was on point and explained what will be expected of us as a green belt. Interactive training sessions helped in concept understanding and how we can apply in the future. Very thankful to xergy for the smooth conduction of the training.

Vaishali More
Vailshali More

Awesome training! The training material, the way of training, trainers practical experience it is great. We were getting hands on practice and group discussion after each topic which helped to understand the concepts better.I never seen such training before.

Chetan Badiger
Chetan Badiger

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value One of the best Training Institute to learn Six Sigma Course. The way they bring Concepts and Practicality together will help in understanding the concepts very easily. They also teach us basics at first, which makes us confident enough to tackle anything new and challenging about lean six sigma.

Manash Chakraborty

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Very good institute and indepth training by Srini sir.Where knowledge is main and percipant can clarify all doubts without any hesitation.Thank you

Swarupa Rowchowdhury
Swarupa Roychowdhury

Positive: Professionalism After all the weekend classes, Case studies, it indeed feels good to be Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt Certified! Would love to thank my Mentor/Guide Srinivas V. for the guidance! Loved the sessions and Real-time Industry applicable case studies. Completely changed the perspective of looking at problems and techniques to resolve them. Excited to utilize the knowledge gained in the near future.

Vijay Srinivas Vittalam

Had good exposure for "Analyze" module of the DMAIC that's where after the data collation, measurement Analyze with various kind of tools being used at the appropriate time which to use got a good exposure. Thanks, Vj

Prashant Gaikwad

Strongly Recommended!!!! Very good, helpful and informative. Good for career growth.

Rahul VS

Great place to doing Six Sigma courses Quality teaching along with case study of six sigma GB by Srini Sir.

Mihir shah

Great place to doing Six Sigma courses Quality teaching along with case study of six sigma GB by Srini Sir

Rohit L

Lean6SigmaPro is the best place to learn Lean six Sigma.

Chiranjeevi Upadhya

Anand Krishna

I had been for the lean training it was an excellent and interactive session. There was focus on all participants.

Manjunatha K

Great place to learn Lean Six Sigma. Trainers are having excellent knowledge in Six Sigma.

Suresh C


Murthy S

Excellent place to learn lean and six-sigma concepts.

Abhijit KS

Excellent plan to learn six sigma.

Fawaz Rahman

If it is six sigma it has to be xergy👍

Manoj Krishnan

Industry oriented curriculum for practical execution of driving improvements.

Mahantesh SM

The course is thorough and fun with lot of practical examples. Well thought out training with professional atmosphere. As for as I know "Lean6SigmaPro" is the only institute which offers quality coaching with live projects. If you are looking for LSS training go to "Lean6SigmaPro".


Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Lean6SigmaPro has helped me in understanding Lean & Six Sigma methodologies and concepts very well. Practical Examples with case studies has helped me to understand whole concept through real time examples of different domains. Course is aligned with TUV SUD, ASQ, IASSC BOK. I would blindly recommend Lean6SigmaPro for Quality Education to everyone.

Sathishkumar Bhaskar

Course material is very good and is of practical approach. Industry specific coveres both IT & Non IT.

Yathi Kani

Industry / job oriented training session. Strongly recommend.

Ruthvik Kadsur

A comprehensive study of lean and six sigma for a span of 4 days has given me a positive outlook on solving real time problems in the manufacturing environment. Looking forward to implement and drive results ASAP.

Heema Appi (Supriya)

Very good and professional training which supports us to build our career nd helps to organise day to day activities in our life as well... Lean supports us to schedule the tasks nd improve more efficency and avoid defects.


I know Srini for some time, when he was our PEX coach for LinkedIn account in Cognizant, All that I know about him is he drives results. The speed with which he works and get you those little little improvements in no time and finally to see a massive improvement over a period of time is just commendable. I highly recommend Srini (now Lean6SigmaPro) and his team for any process improvements. All the best Lean6SigmaPro.

Eipsita Chakraborty

Great faculty. Truly enjoyed the workshops. They are putting efforts to create a great learning experience.

Anand Singh

I would recommend Lean6SigmaPro because of unique training methodology that combined not just theoretical knowledge but also practical learning. The trainer Mr. Srinivas is highly skilled professional and use his practical knowledge.

Sudarshan Kulal

This is the best place for detailed study of six Sigma.

Ganesh Kumar

Its a perfect place to learn about the industrial knowledge with applied Lean Six Sigma & Get well trained.

Chandan gowda

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Dedicated mentor Srinivas sir👍

Ramesh AR

Good for all of them who need practical class rather then theory class.

Ranganath P

Lavanya Gowda

Suda Darshan

Arpita Chakraborty

Sabyasachi Bhattacharya

Sowmya BV

Chandra Kiran

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

Murali Krishnan

Prashant Raj

Antara Sarode