Will Six Sigma Be Relevant For The Future

Four Facts On Six Sigma

On Knowledge Gained

  • If you take a course on Lean Six Sigma and do not apply the knowledge acquired within 60 days, it is very likely that you will forget everything you have learned.
  • It is very important that you put all your knowledge into practice, unless you want to waste time and money.

On Application

  • You can apply Lean Six Sigma in any sector.
  • From a chain of retail stores to a luxury car dealership. Whether in manufacturing or service.

On Employees

  • For a Six Sigma project to be completely effective, it is necessary that all employees are fully engaged with the proposed work.

On Black Belt

  • Ability to identify a 6 sigma projects.
  • Get a buy in from the stakeholders.
  • Proficient knowledge on DFSS/DMAIC.
  • Good analytical skills and statistical knowledge.
  • Lead a team or Support in project execution successfully.
  • Well versed with change management skills.