Spaghetti Diagram

Will Six Sigma Be Relevant For The Future
  • A spaghetti diagram is a visual representation that illustrates the basic flow of people, products, and documents or papers in a process.
  • Spaghetti diagrams are a popular lean tool in the manufacturing, service, and logistics industries and they can help you eliminate or minimize transportation and motion wastes in your process.
  • A spaghetti diagram is a mapping method used to determine the distance traveled by a product or people, the time spent waiting in each stage of the process, and the operators' walking patterns, especially back and forth for material or process operations.
  • For example: Assembly line on a shop floor, the material moment from one building to another, people momentin an office room, and so on.
Will Six Sigma Be Relevant For The Future

How to draw a Spaghetti Diagram?

Will Six Sigma Be Relevant For The Future
  • 1.Plot the physical process flow (Layout) on a paper by approximately scaling down the distance between tasks and desks.
  • 2.Now, team up the actual workers who use the system and ask them to draw
    - The flow of materials, papers
    - The walking pattern of people
    - Waiting time and stoppages at different points
  • 3. All these should be drawn in different colors to distinguishthe exactproblem.
  • 4. The lines should be redrawn for every trip or every movement. The thicker the line, the more complex the process is. Care should be taken not to miss minute tasks, small trips and repeatedmotions.

Do’s of Spaghetti Diagram

  • Before conducting the spaghetti diagram exercise, get consentfrom top management.
  • Follow each individual's moment and keep the line flowing in a single direction.
  • Engage all the relevant operators for the spaghetti diagram exercise
  • Provide basic training to the operators on spaghetti diagram
  • For each operator and material,use a different color.
  • Identify intersections, waiting points, bottlenecks, and other obstacleswhen mapping the process.
  • Be sure to measure both the time and the distance of each path.

Don’ts of Spaghetti Diagram

  • Draw just actual routes, don't draw through walls, equipment, or cupboards.
  • You should not ignore any steps in the process.
  • Personal activities are not involved in the exercise.