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Capability Analysis


04 Hours of Instructor-led Online Training

June 29 - June 29
19:00 - 23:00 IST
Instructor-led Online Training
(Saturday Only)

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Capability Analysis

Capability Analysis

Capability analysis is a critical aspect of process improvement, allowing organizations to assess the capability of their processes to meet customer specifications and identify opportunities for enhancement. By analyzing the process capability, organizations can determine whether their processes are operating within acceptable limits and identify areas for improvement. Through capability analysis, organizations can make informed decisions about process adjustments, set realistic performance targets, and prioritize improvement efforts effectively.

Lean6SigmaPro's comprehensive training program is designed to provide professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct capability analysis for both normal and non-normal data within the framework of Six Sigma methodology. Through this course, participants will learn how to apply statistical tools and techniques to analyze process capability effectively, whether dealing with normally distributed data or data that deviates from normality.


Instructor-led Online Training with Practice Sessions: 04 Hours

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To equip participants to effectively analyze both normal and non-normal data distributions, calculate key capability indices, and utilize statistical tools to drive continuous improvement efforts. 

Eligibility for the Course
  • Professionals with 0-10 Years of experience.
  • Diploma holders/ Graduates / Postgraduates from any discipline.
  • Any Professional seeking to accelerate his/her corporate career.
  • Anyone keen to learn Capability Analysis in the context of Six Sigma.

Diploma holders/ Graduates / Post graduates

Trainers Profile

    Srinivas TV - Click to view full profile

  • Certified Master Black Belt & a passionate trainer
  • Over 20 years in the field of Lean Six Sigma
  • Executed/Mentored over 300 Lean Six Sigma projects with $30+ Saving
  • Trained over 5000 professionals across industries
  • Corporate Lean Six Sigma trainer for Fortune 50 Companies
Course Fee Includes
  • 04 hours of Instructor-led online training
  • Examination fee
  • E-Certificate
  • Access to Capability Analysis Templates for practice
  • Real-world data points for practice
  • One Capability Analysis Knowledge Book
  • Practical support on a need basis

Minitab Statistical Software

Course Program
  • 1.0 Introduction to Baselining
  •    1.1 Understanding Baselining in Six Sigma
  •    1.2 Introduction to Voice of Customer
  •    1.3 Introduction to Voice of Process
  • 2.0 Introduction to Capability Analysis
  •    2.1 Understanding Process Capability (Cp) (Practice to Understand)
  •    2.2 Understanding  Process Capability Index (Cpk) (Practice to Understand)
  • 3.0 Capability Analysis with Normal Data
  •    3.1 Understanding & Interpreting Capability Sixpack Analysis in Minitab
  •    3.2 Understanding Within and Overall Variation
  •    3.3 Conduct & Interpret Process Capability Studies with Normal Data
  •    3.4 Understanding Sigma Levels in Process Capability
  • 4.0 Dealing with Non-Normal Data
  •    4.1 Understanding reasons for Non-normality 
  • 5.0 Central Limit Theorem
  • 6.0 Capability Analysis with Non-Normal Data
  •    6.1 Understanding Data Transformation
  •    6.2 Individual Distribution Identification using Minitab
  •    6.3 Steps Involved in Capability Analysis with Non-Normal Data
  •    6.4 Capability Analysis with Box-Cox Transformation
  •    6.5 Capability Analysis with Johnson Transformation
  •    6.6 Capability Analysis with Binomial Data
  •    6.7 Capability Analysis with Discrete Data

Certification Procedure


  • Mandatory Training Hours:
    Attend 04 hours of online training

  • Pass Criteria:
    Successfully pass online exam with 70%

  • Lean6SigmaPro Support:
    End to End support to appear for exam & Certification

  • Additional Fee:

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