Population and Sampling Online Certification and Training

Population and Sampling


02 Hours of Instructor-led Online Training

June 14 - June 14
19:00 - 21:00 IST
Instructor-led Online Training
(Friday Only)

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Instructor-led Online Training


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Population and Sampling

Population and Sampling

The Population and Sampling training program provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of statistical concepts related to population, sampling, and their application within the Six Sigma methodology. Through interactive sessions, practical examples, and hands-on exercises, participants will learn how to effectively collect and analyze data to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement initiatives.


Instructor-led Online Training with Practice Sessions: 02 Hours

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To equip professionals with a thorough understanding of statistical concepts related to population and sampling methods within the context of Six Sigma methodology

Eligibility for the Course
  • Professionals with 0-10 years of experience
  • Diploma holders/Graduates/Postgraduates from any discipline
  • Any professional seeking to accelerate his/her corporate career
  • Anyone keen to learn the basics of Population and Sampling

Diploma / Graduation / Post graduation

Trainers Profile

    Srinivas TV - Click to view full profile

  • Certified Master Black Belt & a passionate trainer
  • Over 20 years in the field of Lean Six Sigma
  • Executed/Mentored over 300 Lean Six Sigma projects with $30+ Savings.
  • Trained over 5000 professionals across industries.
  • Corporate Lean Six Sigma trainer for Fortune 50 Companies
Course Fee Includes
  • 02+ hours of Instructor-led online training
  • Examination fee
  • E-Certificate
  • Access to Real-world data points for practice
  • Population & Sampling Training material
  • Practical support on a need basis
Course Program
  • 1.0 Introduction to Population and Sampling in Six Sigma
  •    1.1 Definition of Population and Sampling
  •    1.2 Difference between Population and Sampling
  •    1.3 Why Sample the Population
  • 2.0 Terminologies Used in Population and Sampling
  • 3.0 Different Types of Population
  • 4.0 Understanding Types of Samples
  •    4.1 Introduction to Probability Sample
  •    4.2 Introduction to Non-Probability Sample
  • 5.0 Understanding various Types of Sampling methods
  •    5.1 Simple Random Sampling
  •    5.2 Systematic Sampling
  •    5.3 Stratified Random Sampling
  •    5.4 Cluster Sampling
  •    5.5 Judgmental Sampling
  •    5.6 Convenience Sampling
  •    5.7 Quota Sampling
  •    5.8 Snowball Sampling
  • 6.0 Sample Size Determination
  •    6.1 Techniques for Determining Sample Size
  • 7.0 Understanding Sampling Error

Certification Procedure


  • Mandatory Training Hours:
    Attend 02 hours of online training

  • Pass Criteria:
    Successfully pass online exam with 70%

  • Lean6SigmaPro Support:
    End to End support to appear for exam & Certification

  • Additional Fee:

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